Dear August,



... I want to wrap myself up in cozy sweaters.

... and on that note, sell all of my knits that I don't love and start investing in soft and good quality ones.

... I'm again crazy about interior. It happens every fall, haha. Now it's on a new level though, I would love to move and decorate a whole new home, for real.
Untitled ... I want to start dressing for fall. I adore the transition from summer to fall. You can still wear for example a skirt, but you can pare it with boots. Or you can wear pants and summery shoes.

... "joie de vivre, livsglädje, elämänilo" means joy of life. I'm going to enjoy life and try to find happiness in the smallest of things. That's a really important thing for me when the school stress begins and it starts to get darker.

... I'm going to continue to dream of that damn Acne scarf. I have wanted it for the past, like five years? Don't you think it would be about time to get one.
Untitled ... I'm going to continue to bake. I love baking and making time for it. It is so relaxing, homey and spreads warmth to the heart and home. I recently made the most amazing lingonberry pie. My apple pie has been a fall favorite in the family for a few years now.

... I want to wear Birkenstocks like there is no tomorrow. I have wanted a pair for the longest time now, so I actually just ordered a pair from Zalando. They are the same ones as in the picture, I'm beyond exited! I feel a bit bad for those who know me, because I might just be "the socks and sandals girl" if it starts getting colder fast.

... I want to spend time with friends and family. Especially in the evening around good food and company. I would love to arrange a cozy dinner for my friends. 

PS. Olen innostunut käyttänyt Zadaata viime aikoina aika paljon. Siellä myyn just nyt muunmuassa pari neuletta, converset, takin ja muuta kivaa. Käykää kurkkaamassa jos kiinnostaa! Jos liitytte ja näppäilette mun alennuskoodin EH2827, niin saatte 5€ ilmaista shoppailurahaa :)

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