this week I have...



... been eating good. We had lunch at lovely Sandro with Jesper earlier this week. I've also made a lot of food at home and tried a new recipe. And I might have made my healthy raspberry muffins too! Have you noticed that I made an own category for food, in the bar at the top of the blog? Now you can find my recipes easier.


... taken Niilo to get a haircut. He's SO small now, haha. He doesn't really look like a Maltese at the moment, but his hair grows so incredibly fast it's better to cut it very short for the summer. He stared at his reflection in the mirror for five minutes straight when we came home. Poor thing didn't recognize himself.


... gone on long walks on the fields with Niilo. He loves it, and so do I.  It's so peaceful, you get your mind of of things. And I love watching him explore things and chase butterflies.


... bought new glasses. Some of you probably don't know, but I wear glasses/contacts on a daily. I love these new Dior ones. I think the round shape suits my face quite well. I also got the Rayban club masters at the same time. I've been wearing those a ton too.

... got my gym routine going again, feels so good!
... celebrated a lovely friend's 19th birthday yesterday, it was so much fun.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! More from me on Monday.

//Tässä muutamia juttuja joita olen puuhaillut kuluneen viikon aikana. Toivottavasti tykkäsitte tästä postauksesta. Tänään mulla ei ole ollut mieli tehdä oikein mitään, olen ollut vähän allapäin ja väsynyt, mutta palaan maanantaina uusin voimin. Taidanpa katsoa jotain hauskoja videoita nyt pirityäkseni. Ihanaa viikonloppua kaikille! 

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