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Nyt talvella huomasin, että en ole seurannut muita blogeja ollenkaan yhtä tiuhaa tahtia kuin ennen. Tämä johtunee varmaan osittain siitä että aikaa niiden lukemiseen ei ole ollut liikaa, mutta suurempi syy taitaa olla se että olen lukenut vain niitä samoja blogeja iät ja ajat. Suurimmat pohjoismaalaiset blogit, joitakin pieniä blogeja ja parit maailmankuulut kuten sincerely jules ja the blonde salade.. you get my point. Nyt vuoden alusta aloin tarkoituksella yrittämään päivittää mitä blogeja luen. Tässä viisi suosikkiani!

This winter, I started noticing that I didn't read blogs at all as much as I used to. This may partly be due to lack of time, but I think the main reason is that I've been reading the same blogs for such a long time. The biggest Scandinavian ones, some smaller and some renowned like the blonde salade and sincerely jules, so not that wide ranged. This year I decided try to discover for me new blogs. Here are 5 of my favorites! 


Harper & Harley by Sara Donaldson

I haven't come across a style that is as on point as hers in a while.  Her outfits and collection of clothes are just stunning. The pictures are beautiful too. Amongst all the outfit posts there are also a lot of interesting and good content. And she's super pretty too, and makes me want to cut my hair even more.


Eirin Kristiansen

Her blog is a really happy place to come to. She has a really nice style, that inspires me a lot. She's also got some really nice lifestyle posts with good and artistic pictures. Reading her blog puts me in a good mood!


The Private Life of a Girl 

I love reading this blog. It's more of a creativity/ lifestyle blog with a bit of fashion and beauty too. She writes about really interesting topics. A lot of organizing, creative projects and small tips. Posts like "a guide to start a minimal wardrobe" and "7 must-visit locations in 2016". My mind really enjoys scrolling this blog, the pictures and layout are such a treat for the eyes and the topics are just up my alley, so I feel really relaxed reading it. It feels like a beautiful and organized world, which is kind of my dream place, haha.


The Chronicles of Her

TCOH is another amazing fashion blog. I think her style is absolutely impeccable. It is along the same lines as Sara Donaldson's, but this blogger uses more color and is maybe a little bit more versatile. All of her posts are outfits, and if not, they are still style related. Her style is incredibly on point, so that's only a plus for me. If I'm totally lacking outfit inspo, I head over to her blog and bam, stunning looks page after page after page.

blogsFashion Agony by Nika Huk

I like her style a lot. It's not always like my style or what I would wear, but it's nice to look at someone doing things a little bit differently than I would. What I especially like about her blog is her fashion advice/inspiration posts. She does those really well, for example the "9 tricks to make winter outfits interesting".

Toivottavasti piditte tällaisesta vähän erilaisesta postauksesta!

Hope you liked this post!

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